The Party Zone Radio Poker Club

If you don't already have it, you can download the
PokerStars software Here
Follow these steps
#1 Open the main poker lobby,
#2 then click on the Home Games tab
#3 Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
#4 Enter the CLUB ID number: 898654
#5 Enter The invitation code: we love music
That's It! Once I've approved your membership request,we'll be ready to start playing tournaments with us! If you need more information,please Contact Jerr.

Please Join Bad Company In My League Please Click Blue Tab At The Bottom

Pleas Join Misfits In My League Please Click Red Tab. We run 60-80 tournaments a day on Cases Arcade in 5 different games with scheduled 2vs2s (Random & PYOP) throughout the day and night in multiple games. We are also the biggest and most active league on Cases Arcade and the 2nd most active in all of MyLeague.

The Staff here would like to be able to create you custom Smilieys.  However it does take some effort to do this.  If you would like a custom smiliey made above and beyond your first one for being an awesome listener (Who isn't, right?), please donate $5 to the station and we will be happy to make that Smiliey as you want it.